Start Your New Year on a Positive Note….

Yoga for Positive Mental Health.

Sunday 19 January 2020 10am-3.30pm

When we join a yoga class, we are often motivated because of the physical benefits, such as increased flexibility and improved muscle strength – and whilst you can be sure that a yoga practice will indeed produce these results, this ancient practice has so much more to offer by way of supporting us in our modern lifestyle, so characterised by busyness and stress.

Recent research consistently demonstrates that yoga is helpful in reducing anxiety and depression, as it regulates a person’s stress response system.
Additionally, the development of a regular yoga practice has been shown to increase concentration and boost memory.

Yoga is now recognised as a scientifically validated approach to treating trauma and neuroscientists are also now becoming aware of yoga’s potential to improve and even prevent mental health issues in young people.

This workshop is presented by Yoga Instructor Brídín Mullan Psychotherapist & Trauma Specialist, Bronagh Starrs. Brídín is Orba’s resident instructor. She is passionate about Yoga & conveying the benefits of a regular practice. She is always travelling the world, learning from world class instructors. She also teachs at various festivals & retreats throughout Europe.

Bronagh Starrs is a renowned Psychotherapist & Trauma Specialist. Sh has considerable experience teaching and presenting throughout Ireland and internationally on the developmental implication of trauma on the journey. She has authored numerous articles & books on the subject.

During the workshop, Bronagh will offer insight into what happens in the brain when we practice yoga and how to harness the many psychological benefits of this powerful practice. Brídín will then lead us through specific Yoga poses, routines & breathing exercises which correlate to Bronagh’s talk.

This very unique workshop will be of interest to both advanced yoga enthusiasts and complete beginners alike. Absorb the peace & energy available in the beautiful, tranquil, rural Orba setting.

A delicious, healthy, homemade lunch will be provided, with refreshments throughout the day.
Why not make a weekend of it & stay overnight in the beautiful Arvalee Retreat Guest House where you will enjoy a warm welcome, B&B & evening meal upon request.

Investment: Early Bird rate until 13 Dec: £60pp. (usually £70)
Retreat & Overnight accommodation & Breakfast: Early Bird rate: £100 (usually £110)
Please book online: or call 07596592117 to book accommodation

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