Pre Natal Meditation

Join me on Tuesday 2 June 8pm for this very special Pre Natal Meditation.
Expecting a child should be a beautiful, rewarding and love filled time. However, expectant mums are often filled with worry, anxiety and guilt. They experience sleepless nights and an inability to relax and enjoy this precious experience.
This guided meditation will take you on a journey of self love and awareness, where you can realise what is burdening you and let go of your insecurities and concerns.

You will be given tools to help induce sleep and discover how to embody joy and gratitude for this beautiful time of your life.
This class is suitable for all stages of pregnancy.
Please ensure your have a warm and peaceful place created. You will need a pillow and a blanket.
Please book online :.
If you would rather pay via PayPal, please PM me for details.
£6 per person

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