Bandha Yoga Workshop

Join me on Thursday 4 June 7pm for this very interesting delve into the world of Yoga Bandhas. A bandha is a lock or bind in yoga, which is performed in order to direct and regulate the flow of prana (life force energy) to certain parts of the body. Also referred to as an energetic lock, bandha was practiced by yogis of the past to promote energy flow and maintain optimal health.Bandhas are something which asana practitioners often overlook, not realising that if focus and engagement is brought to them, the practice becomes extremely transformational. They create and build an incredible amount of energy and lightness in the body and mind. When we find ourselves struggling with inversions, floating and hoping, bandha engagement is often the missing ingredient.
This workshop is suitable for all levels.This workshop will provide you with the insight to bring your practice to a much deeper and connected level.I am super excited to share my learnings on bandhas with you.Please book online:£10 ppIf you would rather pay by Paypal, please PM me.

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