Learning from the Best

Getting a little instruction on my downdog from the expert.
Amongst many things, Yoga teaches us to live in the present. Animals are a great example and educator of this. Animals, like us, have the ability to feel happiness, sadness, fear and love.
The company of animals certainly seems to have a healing effect in many of our lives. This is probably partly due to the fact that they don’t judge us in the same way fellow humans do. They may get annoyed with us if we stroke them the wrong way, but they’ll never judge us for our flaws. Companion animals will never reject us because we eat too much, have credit card debts, have a bad hair day or turn up late for work. It’s not unusual to see dogs sitting beside homeless people on the street. Our animals love us, even if we don’t love ourselves. In many cases, they embody mindfulness; they are non-judgementally present in the moment. When an animal is sitting with us, they aren’t busy thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. They are simply there. This is probably why they have such a special place in many of our lives and surely this is an attitude we should strive for.

Have you noticed almost all Yoga Poses are called after animals?? Perhaps this is a sign for us to embody these animal qualities: Compassion, unconditional love, respect and presence.
Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu

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