Patience is a Virtue

When the weather is warm, there is only 1 thing for a Yogi to be at… Work on deep flexibility poses.
Hanumanasana or Monkey pose, is the yogic name to the famous front splits: a beautiful posture that requires dedication, flexibility and patience. Hanuman the Monkey God was the son of Vayu, the God of the Winds. He was famous for his impressive and powerful leaps, as he was able to jump over incredibly long distances. Perhaps one of the most important lessons of Hanumanasana then, is devotion to practice and patience.

We live in the age of instantaneous gratification, with TV ‘on demand’, ‘ready’ meals and ‘instant’ access, our bodies have not yet evolved quite as much. They still require time, kindness and encouragement to change and attain such levels of somewhat extreme flexibility.

People who join Yoga purely to get flexibile, become very disillusioned very quickly. They look at what other students are able to physically do and think that that same movement should be available to them after a just a couple of classes, disregarding the fact that the students in question have been practicing a solid practice for years. I used to feel this and was very frustrated with my lack of flexibility. No flexibility has ever come to me easily and every day I step on to my mat, I am made aware of my limitations and restrictions. This is a lesson to remain humble and grounded. Anytime I celebrate achieving a posture, I am taught different movement patterns and ways to intensify and progress. The Yoga journey is never ending. We never kow it all.
What we also must crucially remember, is that it is not the shape of the pose that matters; its what that pose is filled with ; self love, acceptance, compassion, breath, contentment and awareness of our current limitations.

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