Beginners Yoga …Start the Journey of a Lifetime

Always wantedto try Yoga, but worried about joining a class?
Orba Online is delighted to offer you this fabulous opportunity to learn this life changing practice from the comfort of you own home.
Starts Monday 8 June 7pm.
Yoga will offer you many physical benefits:

?Improved posture,
?Reduced fatigue,
?Reduced back pain,
?Relief of joint and muscular related pain,
?Enhanced sporting performance and will help aid recovery from injury.

Yoga is a life enhancing practice . With a steady Yoga practice, you will enjoy an improved quality of life: physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally.
Yoga has been proven to dramatically reduce symptoms associated with depression, stress and anxiety.

As a professional Yoga instructor, Yoga is my life. I have been qualified and been teaching for many years. I am constantly upskilling and I am always learning. Many instructors complete short teacher training courses and leave it there. They never develop their skills or knowledge.

I am always practicing, discovering and travelling the world to learn from top teachers across the globe, so that I am able to bring all this knowledge and expertise to you locally. Here is a pic of me on a recent training course in India. I have travelled to and trained in India many times…the source and birth place of Yoga.
If your physical or mental well being is suffering, everything is effected. You cannot function to your best ability, discover what you are capable of and you cannot enjoy your precious life.

Be assured, that at Orba, we are well being professionals, dedicated to helping you be the very best version of you.
I am really excited to bring you on this wonderful journey towards Health & Happiness.
This course will be offered online via Zoom.
4 week course: £20pp. Please book online: or via Paypal:, selecting GBP & friends & family.

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