Total Mind & Body Workout

Total Body Workout.
People often ask me for exercises to help:
Strengthen their back, butt, legs, arms, tummy, shoulders, wrists, knees. I am also frequently asked about meditations to help quiet the mind…. And here you have it: The complete package.
A day working in the bog is all you need. This total body and mind conditioning activity offers an experience which no studio, gym, spa or beauty parlour could ever match. It will ensure every part of your being is exercised and replenished.

The sharp, fresh mountain breeze will give you a refreshed, youthful and weather beaten complexion.
The solitude and desolation, only available in these remote boglands of Tyrone will offer an opportunity for mental detoxification. Time in the bog stands still… completely still. 3 hours seems like 6. And with zero phone or WiFi signal, you are completely free from distractions.

The high mineral content of the peat (muck) will exfoliate and smooth your paws leaving your nails a distinct earthy shade of black.
The sheer volume of labour will allow every ounce of mental and physical energy to be expelled, guaranteeing a solid night’s sleep.

For information on how to book this unique experience, please contact anyone from rural Tyrone. We all have an abundance of childhood memories of endless summers being dragged (or bribed) to this exclusive resort. And as you can see in this pic… We are putting the youth to work early. (we all had to suffer it growing up.. So we feel its only fair they have the same experience). With everyone’s foreign holidays cancelled for 2020, I would highly recommend a family day at the bog. Best of all… This experience is absolutely free.

Its the perfect day retreat. So take time this summer and indulge in some solitude… Just you, yourself, the occasional frog and 7 million midges.

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