Studio Reopens Monday 7 September

The big anouncement you have all been waiting for.

When we went into lockdown in March, I very naively believed that all would be back to normal within a matter of weeks. Covid19 has shook the world and impacted every aspect of our lives.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who joined our online community over the past few months & helped to keep the Orba spirit alive. I believe that it has helped us grow in friendship & knowledge. Teaching online is something I would have previously rejected. Thanks so much to Klaire Trench-Morris for all your IT support, assistance, calls, problems solving & torture that your endured from me. You embraced it all with a smile. It was invaluable to me.

I am now delighted to be able to invite you all back to the studio from Monday 7 September. Orba has been a lonely place, but the building also enjoyed the rest and has enjoyed a make over, so is super clean & fresh & excited for your return. Thanks also to the amazing Darragh Kelly for his super art work in the studio. This man has a lot of talent, not to mention, patience. ?

Whilst we are super keen to get back to normal, we have had to make some changes to how we previouly operated.

Please understand that due to social distancing, numbers in the studio are now limited. For this reason, we have also had to introduce a few new rules, which I hope that you will help us implement. We are strictly following Government safety guidelines to ensure all our clients & staff are not put at risk. Please take time to read our new procedures listed below:

~Numbers in the studio are limited to 12 at any one class. These spaces will be available for booking on a first come basis from Monday 17 August 12 noon. We will, however, continue to offer our classes via Zoom from the studio, so if you don’t reserve a studio space, you can still join us online.

~Spaces for your mats have been clearly marked on the studio floor. Please adhere to these spaces to ensure proper distancing.

~Unfortunately, we can no longer, for this time, offer memberships or drop in options. All businesses have had to adapt & make changes & this is a big change we have had to make. Allowing drop ins, would mean it woud be impossible for us to ensure social distancing. At Orba, we take great pride in how clean our premises is at all times, thanks to the wonderful work of our super House Keeper Bernie. We will continue this great work, but we must limit our numbers to make a safe environment possible.

~Any outstanding memberships which were paid for prior to lockdown, can be used as credit against a new course. I will arrange this with you at time of booking. All I will need, is for you to screen shot me your membership card. We hope to run all postponed workshops & talks this autumn. However, if you booked an activity, which you can no longer attend, you can also use this as credit against a course.

~If you were attending a course prior to lockdown, all classes were fulfilled online, so no credit is available against a course.

~All classes will run as courses. Monday 7 September- Friday 23 October will be our first 7 week block. All courses must be paid for in full at time of booking. Courses are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

~If you wish to join my class (Brídín 07596592117) you will contact me to arrange booking and payment. If you wish to join Kellie’s class, you will contact Kellie to arrange booking & payment.

~If we go into another lockdown, all courses will continue online.

~If you book a studio space, but cannot make one evening, please let me know, so I can offer it to someone else. You will have the opportunity to pick up the class online.

~You must bring your own mat, straps, blanket, towel, etc with you to class. This is an obvious one…public use mats, I have never been a fan of…not at all hygienic. We therefore, are no longer supplying any of this equipment. So please purchase your own. We sell mats in Orba, but you can also easily pick one up online. If you are serious about your Yoga, a good quality Yoga mat is a must. If you run, you spend money of a good pair of trainers to avoid injury & get the most from your run, Yoga is no different.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like advise prior to purchase.

~For this transitional period, we will be leaving more time between classes & cutting back on the number of evening classes, so to ensure we have sufficient time to sanitise between each group. Please do not come into the building before class. Please wait in your car & Kellie or I, will come to main front door & let you know when to come in.

~You are not required to wear a mask for class.

~Hand Sanitiser will be available at reception and in the studio; Please use it.

~If you, or anyone in your household develops Covid19 symptoms. PLEASE DO NOT COME TO ORBA & notify us straight away.

We really appreciate your patience with us during this transitional period. Its all new to us too and we hope that things may lighten up and we will be able to reintroduce our memberhship options, our drop ins & increase our numbers soon. But for now, we are all working together to help reduce the spread of Covid19.

I think that I have covered all aspects involved in safely returning to our beloved studio this autumn, but if there is anything, which you are still unsure about, please just comment below & I will reply.

Thanks for taking time to read & familiarise yourself with our new operations. I am sincerely looking forward to welcoming you back in the studio or online. At Orba, we pride ourselves as a market leader in provision of health & wellbeing activities, so we can assure you that we are doing all that is possible to ensure the quality of our product is not compromised, whilst being delivered in a safe & tranquil environment.
Thank you for choosing Orba & I look forward to continuing to guide you on your journey of health & happiness.

Brídín’s Classes:

Monday 7.30pm: Yoga Burn (not suitable for beginners)
Tuesday 6pm: Beginners Yoga (also suitable for pre natal)
Tuesday 7.15pm: Intermediate Pilates
Thursday 6pm: Yogalates.
Friday 9.15am: Solar Yoga Flow (drop in)

If you wish to book one of the 12 studio spaces on either my Monday, Tuesday or Thursday class, please call me tomorrow from 12 noon on: 07596592117. 7 week studio course: £49
If you wish to join me online, please either call me: 07596592117, or book online: 7 week online course: £42

My Friday morning class will run as a drop in: £7 per class.

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