Nature Does Not Hurry

I love spending time outdoors in nature. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” Lao Tzu.
Spending time outdoors is something I do every day. No matter what the weather, snow, rain, frost, heatwave; I make sure to get outside for a walk. Walking is an opportunity for me to clear my mind, plan my day & burn off any excess energy. Its like an active meditation. I have always had a lot of energy & I learned many years ago that this energy can be both a good thing & a bad thing. “The devil makes work for idle hands” lol…. Not knowing how to manage, use or direct energy can be dangerous & exhausting. I used to do a lot of cardio activity, running, dancing, exercise classes etc. For years this was my go-to & was a positive channel for my energy. Once I discovered Yoga & began practicing every day, I realised, Yoga was the path most suited for me. I still do engage in a lot of cardio & exercise, but Yoga allowed me to discover new depths & even purpose. Yoga taught me how to positively direct my energy, not just on the mat, but how to better manage my emotions which may arise via encounters off the mat; anger, frustration & disappointment.
Yoga & walking are my 2 ‘must do’ daily activities. I love walking & adventuring with my dog, Dorchá…she is so much fun. She motivates me to get outside on those days which don’t look so inviting & she is my most trusted confidant & therapist. I learn a lot from her. She doesn’t care what the other dogs think of her & she is always happy with the small blessings in life (so long as they are in the form of a treat) lol.
Nature in its whole, if we let it, is a great guide & teacher for us. Someone once said to me; “we should try & be more like the weather” The weather is always rubbish…why would I want to be like the weather, I asked. The response humoured me: “people always complain about the weather…does it annoy the weather? No…the weather just continues to do whatever the weather wants, regardless of what people think”.
This picture was taken on one of my last evening walks in The Gortin Glens (outside Omagh) in October. Unfortunately, there is currently not enough day light for me to catch an evening walk in the Glens in November, but I might try for this weekend.
My sister lives in Castlewellan, in Co Down & when I go there, I love walking in Castlewellan Forest Park. If you have never been, make a point of going. It is a real magical place to explore. It has secret walks, majestic trees, an abundance of wildlife, ancient castles & a sweet blue lake….its a real beauty spot.
What is your go-to outdoor activity & where do you like to escape to?? Has anyone any plans for some outdoor therapy this weekend?
Commit to slowing down & enjoying the little things this weekend. Coming up to Christmas, we are always super busy, rushing & preparing. Slow down, be present, be grateful & remember: “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”

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