Embrace Opportunities

Making shapes in the snow. I love the snow. Whenever i tell people ‘I hope it snows’ Im always met with the same response ‘oh no… I won’t drive in the snow’ People fear being stranded, forced to make contingency plans, having to stay at home & being knocked out of their rountine.
The winter can be a harsh few months, but living in this country, it shouldn’t be a surprise for us… We are well used to rubbish weather. I have a friend from Hong Kong, who has never seen snow & is something he desperately wants to experience.
So, if the snow arrives, appreciate it, yes, we may have to change our plans, but this is a lesson in resilience. Nothing in this universe is in our control, learn to be OK with that.
Enjoy staying at home, being present with yourself, your family, your pets & in your own space. Who knows what fond memories you might make, which would not have been possible if it weren’t for the snow.
Every situation in life presents problems or opportunities… Which are you focusing on???

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