Change is an Absolute

After a well needed break, I am looking forward to reconnecting with my Yoga tribe & welcoming new practitioners on board from Monday .
Classes will be offered via Zoom & will run for 5 weeks. You can book online or call 07596592117. Discounts available for multiple bookings & family booking
2020 presented many challenges, but also many opportunities to learn, adapt, reflect & grow. 1 major success for me in 2020 was deepening my Yoga practice. I was happy to be able to devote time to it & embrace all the benefits associated with it.
Change is one of life’s certainties. Yoga teaches us to not fear change & to embrace, seek out & love change. Change is often very difficult, as we become so attached to the who we are, what we know & what we are comfortable with. Yoga teaches us how to let go & free ourselves from the confines of attachment. If we become so concerned & attached to the being we are, we will never discover our ‘true-self’ or realise the potential of who we might become.
Yoga is a life guide. During the next 5 weeks, I invite you to open your heart & mind to the power of Yoga. If you commit to this journey, do so with your whole heart. Yoga will change your life, but it is only the guide….you have to do the work, to make that climb & be committed to healing your life & discovering deep Santosha (contentment). The climb will present challenges. I ask you to let go of the need to control, so to connect with yourself on a deep level. You may be forced to confront demons or rummage through painful baggage from your past. Your body will be challenged as will your mindset & your attachment to your own conditioning & preconceived ideas about what your life should be & how it should look. You will realise that the climb is easier & more enjoyable if you detach from the weight of your baggage. You will begin to realise who you are, accept yourself & love being you. And I promise you, the view from the top will be worth it.
Change is an absolute, everything in nature changes constantly. Every wave will break but also reform. It’s better to learn how to ride the waves, than fight the ocean.

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