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Welcome to Orba Wellbeing Retreat & Health Spa.  

A unique, dedicated complex  in the heart of rural Ireland, committed to equipping you with the tools necessary to enjoy a healthy & happy life.   

Life is to be enjoyed, free from stress, anxiety, pain, illness and depression & at Orba, our business is to show you how to achieve this.

Every activity at Orba is uniquely & carefully designed & crafted by our team of experts to enhance your life.

“You cannot help but feel better after a visit to Orba, it is my little haven.  I am so grateful to have it, I cannot explain how this place has changed my life.  I love it”.

J O’Neil, Orba Client, Omagh

At Orba, Your well being is our business…

Contact us:

9 Tormor Road, Omagh, BT79 0NF—–02882242160—-07596592117—-info@orbahealthandwellbeing.com