Preparing for that “Special Day”


Structured Wedding Preparation
Structured wedding preparation is increasingly becoming a major component of working towards the big day that results from two simple words namely ” I Do”.

Medical research suggests that the stress associated with marriage preparation is ranked second in intensity only to purchasing one’s first home.

Priorities within the wedding preparation schedule tend to relegate what might seem like the less urgent and more informal activities until near the end but when that deadline approaches much of the detail is underestimated in terms of organisational commitment required.

Speeches are frequently delivered “off the cuff” with obvious consequences of detachment from the guests, omitting vital protocols and a lack of connectedness between speakers.

Couples aspire desperately to make their day “special” and rightly so.

ORBA can assist couples and their wedding party to spice up that “special” feeling.

  • Help you lose weight and shape up for the great occasion including massage treatment. (NB: Our G 5 massage is particularly suited to firm, tighten and tone as well as aiding weight loss and cellulite reduction).
  • Offer you a range of confidence improving techniques to make your experience more relaxing and enjoyable.
  • Can work you through customising your own specially composed dance routines
  • Help you plan and construct your speeches for the day

Contact us for full details on how we can play a part in making your big day great.