“Why walk when you can Dance”

-Ellen Van Dam

Dance in its many forms has been fundamental to sociality within our community for generations. After being sidelined for a few years by the desire to socialise within a culture of “being entertained” rather than entertaining ourselves—– it is all back with a bang.

We all want to dance now—all ages and all abilities—and why not?

Dancing is great fun and it creates a structured social setting. Being able to trot out those few steps, however basic, gives us enormous confidence and takes us beyond our shyness.

At ORBA numerous people have been honing their steps, from those who are reconnecting with a rusty ability from the past to those who have put one foot past the other for the first time.

We have nurtured many people onto the dance floor at weddings—people who were literally terrified at the prospect of being invited onto the dance-floor for that first dance, ladies choice or just enticed by great music and atmosphere.

We offer lessons in: Jive, Salsa, Hip Hop, Burlesque and Ballroom.

Our dance courses must be booked via our online booking facility or by calling 02882242160.  Our courses are excellent and always books out.

We can help those planning their wedding compose and perform their very own distinctive routine for the occasion.