“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”

-Kevin Trudeau

Look after your Back Health with Pilates: A slow, flowing, controlled form of exercise, specifically designed to improve the body’s posture, alignment & spinal function.


Enhances the body’s ability to function safely
Improves flexibility.
Strengthens the body.
Develops control & endurance in the body.
Reduces chance of injury.
Develops a strong core.

Pilates is suitable for everyone!  Adapting a regular Pilates practice will massively reduce your chance of developing back pain.  We offer classes for absolute beginners & advanced practitioners  alike.

It is excellent for sportspeople keen to improve their technique & reduce their chance of injury: footballers, cyclists, runners, golfers, dancers, rugby players, any sports person will benefit from Pilates
Pilates prolongs sporting careers & dramatically improves sporting technique.

Pilates is also ideal for anyone who has been injured, or with a debilitating condition.  We offer private sessions to aid your recovery, strengthen your body and improve confidence in your own ability

We offer Pilates on mat and Pilates on ball

Check the Timetable for full details.