“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”                                Kevin Trudeau

Look after your Back Health with Pilates: A slow, flowing, controlled form of exercise, specifically designed to improve the body’s posture, alignment & spinal function.

Pilates will dramatically improve your back health, your posture, your mobility, your lung capacity and your general well being.

If you are an athlete or sports person wanting to enhance your performance & remain injury free, you should certainly book onto a Pilate class at Orba.

Anyone wanting to improve and maintain physical health & wellness should practice Pilates at Orba.

We have 2 excellent Pilates teachers at Orba.  Both Brídín & Kellie have a massive wealth of knowledge and experience working with every body type & condition.  They both regularly upskill & train in Pilates, anatomy, body mechanics and Functional Range Conditioning to make sure they stay top of their field, so that you, our client can see your true potential.

Our bodies are designed to move & with Brídín & Kellie guiding you on your Pilates journey, we can assure you, your body will remain fit, health & mobile for years & years to come.

We also offer private Pilates sessions.  Call 02882242160/ 07596592117 to arrange.

Check the Timetable for full details.