“Yoga is the fountain of youth”

Bob Harper

For a healthy & happy life, Yoga is the one simple practice you should engage.  Yoga will boost your energy, lift your mood, increase joint circulation, improve physical and mental flexibility, ensure the digestive system is working properly, alleviate stress, improve your posture, your skin and can help clear up allergies.  It will  boost your immunity, your confidence, improve concentration  & enhance your thirst for life.

Brídín is our resident Yoga instructor & has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience.  She regularly travels the globe to learn from the world’s leading experts to bring the very best instruction and information to you, our client, locally.   She spends time in India every year, learning from the very source, the birthplace of Yoga.

Brídín’s teaching style is solid and invigorating.  She believes the practice should challenge and balance all aspects of your being.  Your physical, emotional and mental existence.

Brídín specialises in Yoga to overcome depression and anxiety and regularly hosts workshops and trainings in this field both locally and to groups worldwide.

“Yoga is a way of life and by incorporating practice into your daily routine, you will enhance every aspect of your physical, mental and emotional existence.  You will begin to experience peace and joy in everything that you do.  Yoga is transformational”                                                                            

Check out Brídín’s classes detailed on our Timetable                                      She is also available for Private sessions in Orba & Online, please call: 07596592117 to arrange.