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Yin Yoga for Autumn


Yin Yoga Masterclass: Thursday 22 October 7.15pm

Autumn has certainly arrived. The vast drop in temperature, the beautiful colors, the escaping days and low setting sun all indicators than summer has past & we must prepare for winter. Autumn is a very reflective time of year. After the abundance of heat & energy available to us during summer, we need to process and redirect our attentions & efforts to keep balance. With the change of season, the mind & body can get a little unstable. The day’s are shorter, allowing for possibly more sleep which is so great for the body, however with less day light, lethargy & depression can also pay us a visit.

This beautiful, creative sequence will allow you spcae & time to check in with your true self. Process the past & prepare for change. The autumn is a time for letting go of that which no longer serves us.

Weclome balance into your life with Yin Yoga. Booking essential. £15 pp

Online event: Zoom meeting ID: 7596592117