“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise, we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear”


If you hear your body whisper, you do not want to hear it scream.   At Orba, we cannot overstate the important of body maintenance.    Your body is your most precious possession, if you damage it, you cannot replace it.

You ask so much of your body everyday, but yet take very little time to replenish it.  At Orba, we are experts in this field.  We are pretty obsessed with body mechanics and maintenance.  We spend an awful lot of time, training, researching & developing therapies and programmes to help you, our client, enjoy and use your body to its full potential.   We also assist you with injury recovery and rehabilitation.

“I had the best massage of my life at Orba.  My Therapist took time to ask me about my concerns & devised the massage to work for me.  She gave me lots of advise too.  I  play a lot of sport, so have many injuries from over the years.  The Infrared sauna after my massage worked a treat.  I felt like a new man”.
A Doran, Orba Client, Belfast 

All our Therapeutic Massages are tailored to suit your individual concerns.  Please call or message us to discuss specifics and decide how long you would like.

30 Minutes: £40

60 Minutes: £50

90 Minutes: £70

Couples Massages: 1 hour: £100 per couple

Mind Massage: Incorporates Massage, meditation and gentle stretching.  Perfect for those experiencing anxiety or stress.                                                                                                         60 Minutes: £60    90 Minutes: £75

Prenatal Massage: Perfect restoration for the expectant Mum.                                                                             60 Minutes: £50

Relajese: Perfect blend of Massage & Therapeutic Facial                                                                                   60 Minutes: £60  90 Minutes: £75

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Contact us to discuss our therapies further and what might be appropriate for your condition — 028 82 242160/ 07596592117