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“Its all about finding calm in the chaos”                                           

Donna Karan

At Orba, we are very aware of how busy your life is.  You are always putting others before you.  You cannot remember the last time you took time out to chill out and be present with nothing but the sound of the birds singing and the gentle breeze of the trees.

Allow our team of therapeutic specialists to relax you.   We will treat you to an indulgent  full body massage, tailored to suit your concerns.  Your massage will be offered by either one of our resident Physiotherapists or one of our Massage Therapist specialists.  The benefits of this will be further enhanced with time spent in our healing Infra Red Sauna and deluxe out door hot tub, nestled in the forest, all whilst you graze on a healthy, wholesome homemade food platter and sumptuous, energy boosting drinks, designed by our nutritionist,  to provide key nourishment and further enhance your feeling of renewal.  You will also be spoilt with a crisp bottle of bubbles, strawberries & rich indulgent dark chocolate to be enjoyed after a refreshing amble along our Nature Bathing Trail. 

The calming effects of time spent in nature has been proven throughout time & at Orba, we make the most of our beautiful, scenic, rural location to ensure you soak up these benefits.  Our secluded, meditative nature bathing trail offers ample opportunity to breathe in nature, fresh air, freedom and enjoy being alive.

This deluxe package is available for groups between 2 – 6 persons.

Price: £120 per person

Autumn 2020 offer: £100 per person

Just bring yourself & your swim wear — let us do the rest!